Regaining Focus : Decreasing Attention Span And How To Fix

Focus is how attentive you are towards something. Our attention span is decreasing and it’s time to regain focus. Here are some of the tips to apply for regaining focus, and fix your attention span. This blog is an extension of my weekly newsletter. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.

What is Focus

When we give special attention to something we focus. Let’s understand this by a simple example; If I have to pass an exam, where should I have my attention? Answer is Study for the exam. Here my attention is on studying to pass the exam. It’s the centre of attention or interest. So in simple terms we can say that, Focus is our special attention toward something/someone to meet/reach our goal.

What is Attention Span

Attention span is the length of time during which someone is able to concentrate or remain interested in something. Our attention can vary from human to human and depends on a number of factors.

Do you know that an average attention span of human is only 8.25 seconds. That’s less the goldfish’s 9 second attention span.

Why Attention Span is decreasing

Before we proceed towards fixing our attention span, we need to understand why our attention span is decreasing. There are a lot of reasons for decreasing our attention span. Here are a few which are affecting you severely if you are a student or working professionals.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the biggest source of distraction. From calls to SMS to Mails to Social Media every app wants our attention. Short Video Platforms are the main source of decreasing our attention span, these apps serving new content every few seconds. Social media is the best source to keep yourself connected with our friends and family members, but excessive use of social media is the main problem for affecting our attention span.


With increase in our workload and increase in pressure of work and study the stress level of people are increasing. The increase of stress level is decreasing our attention span. Taking pressure on your mind for something which is not in our control is just a waste of time. And also affecting our attention span and reducing our focus.


Overthinking is a common problem with all of us. Either a conversation with a crush or an argument with anyone, there are a lot of things going on in our mind and we are not able to stop ourselves from thinking about the same. Anything happens and we start to create our own good & bad thinking for the same which has no relation with reality.

Lack of Planning

Lack of planning is also one of the reason for distraction and decreasing our attention span. When we have no planning for the day we easily distracted by any work come in the day. When we pre-decide things that these are the things we have to do to help to seamlessly complete our work, no planning leads to waste of time and these distract ourselves from our motive.

Tips For Regaining Focus

Now we know the reasons why our attention span is decreasing. It’s time to fix our attention span and regain our focus. Regaining focus will help to reach our goals much faster and easier. Here are a few tips to follow for regaining focus.


Planning what you want. Planning and breaking your goals into small tasks can help you to focus on your goal. Plan your day in different parts, and the one of most important parts of planning is planning a distraction time in your day for relaxing chilling.


Your body and mind need relaxation and by the help of exercise you can keep your body healthy and by doing yoga you can keep your mind in peace. Having a healthy body keeps your body always ready for work. And doing yoga keeps your mind calm which keeps you free from stress and overthinking.

Proper Sleep

Having a proper sleep keeps your body relaxed and also increases your efficiency. Sleep is a crucial part for focus and concentration and at least 7-8 hours of sleep is good.


Take small and big breaks in work. This helps you keep your mind refreshed and relaxed at time of work and also improve productivity. Breaks in between different tasks help your brain relax and that help you to improve focus.

Reconnect Your Mind

Reconnecting your mind is one of the best things to do if you get distracted at work or study. When you are doing any work or studying and suddenly your mind starts to think something different then stop for a while and take a deep breath to disconnect from that thinking and reconnect the work or study you were doing.


There are different ways in which you are getting distracting and that is the reason for your reduction in attention span. And you can fix your attention span and regain focus but you need to first make yourself relax and know the reasons for your distractions and decrease in attention span and after that you should find ways you can increase your attention span and increase focus to reach your goals. Above are some points on which I have discussed which can help you in regaining focus.

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